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Mama Mia
Sunset Boulevard
Rock and Roll Man

“When Sam Carmichael takes center stage to perform SOS, as played by Tony nominee Alan Campbell, Mamma Mia feels muscular and new.”

New York Times (Mamma Mia)

"….appealingly boyish with a shock of blond hair and a suggestion of dimples to indicate that he has not completely relinquished his innocence. He is a strong stage presence and here tears into the title song as if it were an indictment of movieland."

David Richards - The New York Times

"...with big voiced Alan Campbell, who wants lights and scenery to get in the way of the performances."

Lloyd Rose - The Washington Post 

“….. a big, forceful singer…”

Vincent Canby - The New York Times (Sunset)


“….. a charismatic golden boy with a voice to match.”

Lawrence Sherer - The Wall Street Journal (Sunset)

“……… a sensational actor/singer who goes up against Glenn Close every night, and holds his own.”

Liz Smith - The New York Post

"Alan Campbell is terrific..."

Dennis Harvey - Variety (Contact)


"Alan Campbell is even more desperate, charming and covincing than Boyd Gaines was."

Clive Barnes - The New York Post  (Contact)

“…his well sung Mitch couldn’t be more virile-cum-vulnerable; …”

John Simon - 

“Alan Campbell was so effective, I will probably always see him in this role…smooth, so seemingly effortless…..”

Digital First Media (Rock and Roll Man)

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